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Telecommunications company increases the efficiency of its digital campaigns by monitoring its audience's real perception

The marketing area of this mobile phone company needed to have detailed information about de performance of their campaigns in social media: they lacked analyses of the users' behavior and qualitative indicators that really reflected the audience's perceptions.

To optimize strategy, creativity, investment, and the operation of their campaigns, Rhino Marketing & Data carried out analyses and asset performance reports, direction and/or contents, as well as an execution study in several platforms.

We also included developments for obtaining, storing, treating, and modeling data in Azure SQL; a visualizer and categorizing system for content and comments with which key information is obtained to help our client to implement effective digital strategies.

Our proposal also equipped this company with a personalized methodology with performance indicators and control of the tasks to perform with the information yielded by each campaign.


Currently our client keeps the flexibility in their system which allows for making adjustments in the ever-changing environment of rules and algorithms in social media, as well as a history dating back to 2014.


Solution: Rhino Marketing & Data
Industry: Telecommunications
Country: Mexico

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