We have incorporated Scrum to the development and implementation of our solutions. This agile methodology based on a group of best practices for teamwork with highly productive results.

Scrum enables us to get fast results with partial and regular deliveries of the final solution. It’s a methodology which allows us to adapt to complex environments that require flexibility, innovation, competitiveness, and productivity.



This agile methodology allows us to:

  • Focus on customer satisfaction and interaction.
  • Respond to change through adaptation.
  • Progressive development (Rolling Wave Planning)
  • Control by self-disciplined and self-organized groups
  • Measurement management based on values




Rhino Systems gives you ongoing support for the developments and implementations that it carries out. Every reported incident in evaluated by our team to give you the best solution.

Our team of experts will support you through the Helpdesk, which has service priority levels for each event, depending on its nature.

We have knowledge of all the tools we implement, as well as support and constant communication with the Microsoft team and all our allies to give referrals and follow up any problem in their platforms.


We boost your business with client oriented solutions



At Rhino Systems we value the security of cloud-based solutions, which is why our service goes hand in hand with the infrastructure that Microsoft provides.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has 24x7x365 supervision which allows the monitoring and detection of vulnerabilities in the system in a continuous way.


This monitoring is carried out in different tiers at the level of infrastructure/platform and transaction monitoring to simulate critical scenarios of clients.

We also rely on Microsoft tools such as Cloud App Security, monitoring of Mobile Devices Policies with MAM, Communication Channel Security and Client Endpoint, for fraud control and information leakage.



We have the best consulting experts per area and per solution.

Our consultants take an active part in every one of the solutions that we develop and implement. As a client of Rhino you are in the best hands to take your project where you want it to be.

The consulting service we offer can even be on-site.

Our alliance with Microsoft has driven us to go further

From the start we have worked hand in hand with Microsoft. Our commitment to deliver successful implementation in several sectors has earned us Microsoft’s recognition year after year:

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