Success Stories

At Rhino Systems we work together with our customers to help them reach and surpass their goals in customer service. Some of the industries where we have implemented our solutions are: telecommunications, universities, and banks, amongst others.


Mexican banking institution increases customer satisfaction and improves response time.

Our customer –a cooperative with extensive experience in the country, offering savings, credit and investment products–, wanted to solve the lack of follow-through in its collection department, prospect loss, hold-ups in analysis and loan grants, as well as a high volume of overdue portfolio.

With Dynamics 365 and the solutions Rhino offered, the institution optimized the processes focused on customer service, it automated its branch network, implemented new mobile Credit and collection agents, simplified loan grants with process flow and incorporated high quality systems to avoid the duplication of information alongside follow-up mechanisms for service to its partners.

From the moment they adopted the CRM, they had these accomplishments:


  • Improvements in customer service response time
  • Quickening of canvassing times
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Decrease in loan-granting times
  • Reduction in overdue portfolio through the mobile app

Solution: Rhino Financial Services Framework
Industry: Banking and Finance
Country: Mexico

Client of Peruvian banking implements Dynamics 365 to provide better customer service

After realizing that banking is moving rapidly towards digital transformation, this brokerage firm in latin America decided to apply our solutions: Dynamics 365 and Rhino Financial Services Framework to centralize their customers' information with a 360 view, improve the attention to them and keep track of the status of each prospect.


At the beginning of 2018 we started with the first stage in the Personal banking division, with a group of 50 financial and marketing executives, where new modules were implemented and key operation flows that will enable the integration of more than 100 users were defined.


Solution: Rhino Financial Services Framework
Industry: Financial
Country: Peru

Financial institution focused on maximizing and boost the development of Mexico gains better control and performance measurement of its sales force

The objective of this Mexican Business Group is to offer personal and corporate goals to their customers in the financial field. It has the divisions of Private Banking, Corporate Banking, Fiduciary, Cards, and Leasing and Infrastructure.

Due to its nature and the broad coverage of its services it will require an effective and innovative solution which allows to improve prospection and trade compliance from its sales force.

The transition to the cloud that Rhino carried out with Dynamics 365 and other processes aimed at Private Banking, Corporate banking, and Legal enabled the institutions to follow through both prospects and opportunities using flows developed for each banking segment.

With this, the institution had its clients' information centralized in one place and an optimal opportunity and risk grading mechanism, as well as a more precise control to evaluate the performance of each executive.


Solution: Rhino Financial Services Framework
Industry: Banking and Finance
Country: Mexico

Recently created Mexican bank expanded its commercial opportunities by improving its customer interaction processes

The rapid growth this financial institution –which provides credit, leasing, factoring, trust funds, insurance, investment and trading strategy– has experienced demanded technology that enabled it to have greater control over its executives' activities and to expand the services offered to their clients.

To achieve these goals we implemented a Business Calendar (Commercial Systems) module that speeds up and makes it easier to control opportunity management, activities and tasks of each executive, providing a clearer vision of their progress towards their goals.

Now supervisors can keep better track of the performance of their sales force and the institution's commercial opportunities have been increased by having a complete view of the interaction with their customers.


With Rhino Financial Services Framework we also introduced improvements in account creation processes, loan granting, and contract automation. All of this has optimized the financial services offered by our client.


Solution: Rhino Financial Services Framework
Industry: Banking and Finance
Country: Mexico


Financial institution specialized in personal loans optimized customer service and the development of their services with differentiated experiences for their clients.

To increase their level of service and comply with the demands of the loan sector, this Mexican institution took on the challenge of improving their services and understanding their customers' needs.

Dynamics 365 and Rhino Financial Services Framework were the solution: through the interaction with various systems (including core and developed in-house), alongside modifications in information flows, the goal was attained by centering its operation and services in the customer, achieving a better interaction.

We also put in place a scoring system for every user to keep the quality of the data, which has helped our client with regulatory compliance, resulting in a more efficient operation.


Now the institution stands out in the market by offering differentiated loans thanks to the timely analysis of each customer's needs.


Solution: Rhino Financial Services Framework
Industry: Financial and Loans
Country: Mexico

University network improves its services and increases the relationship with its student body

For the purpose of adapting to the rapid technological advances and maintaining the recognition that has identified them in the education sector, our client –a network of universities that prepare professionals at high-school and college level– was looking to expand their academic offer and innovate in their internal processes in order to improve their relationship with their students.

After the implementation of Rhino Education Services Framework students are now able to have a self-service experience through the portal, where they can easily find several vacancies in different job boards; information and requirements for scholarships, status at the school, amongst other services.

On top of this, with the 360 view included in our solution, each students' information is centralized in one system to see, in detail, their academic results as well as their financial performance and changes in their general information. This makes it easier to offer new services such as scholarships or new alternatives to manage payments.

Thanks to our performance, we have now been charged with renewing their sales and admissions platform to engage new prospects.

Solution: Rhino Education Services Framework
Industry: Higher Education
Country: Mexico

Network of universities improved its services and personalized the attention to students with Dynamics 365

This university network, with presence in more than 29 countries, found it necessary to have an innovative system to centralize the student body's information. They opted to be a part of the digital transformation migrating their data from CRM 2011 OnPremise to Dynamics 365 Online, thus taking their processes to the cloud.

The benefits they have gotten are outstanding: All students' information is related to the modules in their portal and there has been a significant improvement in the business processes of enrollment, graduation, and re-enrollment, where they keep a personalized communication, loyalty and high quality in their service offering to each student through the system.


Due to an excellent opportunity detection and the implementation of effective solutions, this institution distinguished us as one of its greatest providers in 2018.


Solution: Rhino Educational Services Framework
Industry: Education
Country: Mexico

Telecommunications company increases the efficiency of its digital campaigns by monitoring its audience's real perception

The marketing area of this mobile phone company needed to have detailed information about de performance of their campaigns in social media: they lacked analyses of the users' behavior and qualitative indicators that really reflected the audience's perceptions.

To optimize strategy, creativity, investment, and the operation of their campaigns, Rhino Marketing & Data carried out analyses and asset performance reports, direction and/or contents, as well as an execution study in several platforms.

We also included developments for obtaining, storing, treating, and modeling data in Azure SQL; a visualizer and categorizing system for content and comments with which key information is obtained to help our client to implement effective digital strategies.

Our proposal also equipped this company with a personalized methodology with performance indicators and control of the tasks to perform with the information yielded by each campaign.


Currently our client keeps the flexibility in their system which allows for making adjustments in the ever-changing environment of rules and algorithms in social media, as well as a history dating back to 2014.


Solution: Rhino Marketing & Data
Industry: Telecommunications
Country: Mexico

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