Rhino Educational Services Framework Modules

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With Rhino Educational Services Framework your sales promoters, counselors, and service providers will have key elements to a company each student through the various stages they will experience inside your institution. This gives your team a chance to be one step ahead in offering services and personalized solutions.

Recruitment and Admissions

Optimize and streamline the recruitment and admissions process for new students. Start by offering the best experience in educational services.

With Rhino Educational Services Framework your promoters will have tools and sales processes that will enable them to deliver an integrated service during all stages, including recruitment, admissions, and enrollment of the student in your institution.


It includes modules and processes for your promoters to attract prospective students to your institution.


Process for incorporating the student to the academic institution.

First admission

All the elements and processes required to incorporate the student to the academic institution.

Students’ life cycle

Getting students to successfully complete their life cycle throughout their studies requires active participation from the educational institution. This is why the modules were developed, to allow all of the students’ information to be in one place and so detect key information which enables you to offer agile, personalized, and timely services.

Unitary vision of the student


The students’ critical information is integrated in a single view, including financial, academic, communication, and general data with all the required detail.

Student Services


A self-service portal where the student can check academic information, and ask for paid and unpaid services alike: tutoring, certificates, inquiries, and assorted documents.

Early Warning

It allows you to spot students who are at risk of deserting through key academic, conduct, and/or financial elements. The purpose is to detect these warnings on time so as to offer solutions for the student.


A series of payment agreement lists is generated, with the outline that the area requests. Follow up actions for the student and/or the person responsible for the area are included.


Automatize processes to allow for easier follow up of the tutors’ tasks with the student, be they academic financial, or personal.


Monitor and automatize processes: scholarship requests, verify the reception of documents and their rejection or approval by the committee in charge of those decisions.

Job Pool

Offering the students a job pool helps their professional development and gives a solution to students in financial difficulties which prevents them from deserting their studies.

Student’s voice

It includes modules and processes for your promoters to attract prospective students to your institution.

Digital Communication

Permanent communication channel with the student in which you can send messages, answer surveys, and generate information to be sent to the students’ email.

Social Networks

It enables you to visualize, summarize, and answer to social networks from the institution’s official accounts. It has CRM integration and allows you to identify students, promoters, and critics.

Student Retention


All our modules are aimed at providing you with the necessary tools and solutions to retain the student and keep him in the institution whether they are in danger of dropping out, creating loyalty through personalized services, improving communication, facilitating enrollment processes, and achieving reintegration.



Monitoring of students to ensure they re-enroll for the next school cycle.


Tools to reintegrate or help “bring home” graduate students so they continue studying inside the institution.

Graduates and teachers


Your relationship with your client must be the best from the get-go. It is therefore crucial to have clear information of their requirements for each process they are in, to listen to their needs so as to offer the products and services they require, and which are adapted to their profile and payment ability.



The objective is to keep in touch with your graduates to invite them to participate in events, offer new sales opportunities with different academic offers, review their employability level and follow up on loans.


It allows students who have been at the institution for a longer time to support freshmen students and also helping the former to complete their community service time.

Teacher profile

Students who are interested in teaching can upload their information to participate inside the institution.

Teacher nomination

There will be a centralized file of all of your customers’ documents in digital format. We have processes which allow you to automatically get information in digital format.

360º Vision

With Rhino Educational Services Framework you will get a 360º view of each student during all the stages of their life cycle inside the institution. This will give you a unique panorama that will enable you to deliver individual and specialized attention to your customers.

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