At Rhino Systems we know the changes your financial institution needs to implement in order to cater to the needs of demanding clients who are accustomed to dynamic and ever more personalized services.

Trends in Banking


A more demanding generation

Millenials and Generation Z spend a great amount of time connected on their mobile devices, they know technology, like to have control of their finances, are open to a self-service banking model, and their questioning of the “status quo” makes them more prone to put their own solutions together with different service providers.


Simple and Intuitive Experiences

More and more, clients demand simplicity of usage and are ever less accommodating when they have to face inefficiencies from their banking and financial service. They expect consistent, intuitive, and relevant experiences.

The new players in the industry

Competition for the same clients is a reality between new players in tech companies who are now offering services which were only offered by financial institutions in the past, gaining a position as real competition every day.

The need to establish a Digital Workplace

Digital transformation demands an internal reassessment of work models, new process definitions, and technologies which establish the tools that allow the Bank to stay connected with the digital customer.

Improving the service of the Bank

Understanding the digital client

Knowing your clients is vital in providing the service they require

Clients are currently searching for a unified experience in all the channels of self-service and assisted service they come in contact with. They look for personalized options with swift and consistent answers, services that allow for self-self-learning and advanced analyses relayed by banking executives.

Increasing the Banking Executives’ assertiveness

Simplify their tasks and create measurable goals

Your banking executives in customer service are faced with internal tasks and redundant processes which create an obstacle for them to focus on sales. Having complete, centralized, and automated solutions and clear and measurable sales targets provide the executives with all the tools they need to focus on improving their relationships with clients, which translates in sales and growth for your institution.

Some achievements attained by improving customer service


Productivity increase


Time improvement in customer service


Decrease in conflict escalation


Increase in cross selling

Rhino Financial Services Framework
Developed by banking experts

Our team


From its beginning, Rhino Systems was created with the perspective of catering to the customer service needs of the financial sector. Our team is made up of experts in banking technology who know exactly what the current processes and needs are. Our goal is to always be one step ahead in the future of banking so as to develop cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

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