Rhino Financial Services Framework is a solution which allows banking institutions to manage the client’s route in a transparent, consistent, and attractive way using different channels to get a complete view of the client.

Offering the level of service that your clients expect from banking and financial institutions is not an easy task due to the variety of technological solutions that are used in the operation, for its compatibility, the duplicity of information, the communication between areas and process alignment amongst other challenges.

Rhino Financial Services Framework is our solution, developed by banking experts, that will integrate your financial institution’s and your clients’ most important information and the relationship with your services in a safe, automatic, and intelligent way.

Integration to central Systems

RFSF can be integrated to the CoreBanking systems of your financial institution to boost the productivity of your executives.

Improving Customer Experience

We use technology so that you can get to know your customers better and use this to anticipate their needs.

Increase productivity

We automatize processes and reduce the use of paper. We boost new service models.

Rhino Financial Services Framework Modules

At Rhino Systems we have developed modules that allow their clients a swift and personalized service. Rhino Financial Services Framework is the best client service solution for Banking.

Business Calendar

Do the planning and execution of your sales plan with measurable objectives for your sales executives performance.

Onboarding and Client File Creation

Centralize, automatize and use processes that enable you to be more efficient in client information management.

Operational Processes with the Customer

Give the best follow up and service to your customers, from asking for credit to giving them investment advice.

360° View

With Rhino Financial Services Framework you will get a full view of all communications between your customer and the services and products of your institution.

Banks migrating into Digital


Bank clients using non-traditional institutions and/or Fintech.

*World Retail Banking Report Capgemini 2017


Are satisfied with their service experience with Fintechs in opposition to 49.5% with banks

*World Retail Banking Report Capgemini 2017

At Rhino Systems we know that the success of banking institutions in the next years will depend on their ability to transform customer care services by making efficient use of technology. This will enable them to create new value, delivering distinctive service experiences in a market of ever escalating competitiveness.

Loan origination used to take an hour and 10 minutes, now executives perform this process in less than 15 minutes.

Diego Bautista
Director of the TESS program


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