At Rhino Marketing & Data we specialize in getting to know our clients and offering them the best technological solutions, with which our experts can give them the best integration, analysis, report generation and services for your company.

Currently our customers, their behaviors and needs are in the core of our product and service development. With Rhino marketing & Data you will have a solution for listening to, analyzing, measuring and monitoring your clients and their relationship with your Brand, identify opportunities and observe your competition.

We rely on Microsoft Dynamics marketing as the key system which allows us to configure and work in an intelligent way to obtain data mining with which we get the reports and analyses your Company needs.

 Rhino Marketing & Data

Marketing Technology Adoption

We digitize the customer experience, integrating several types of platforms to digitize the contact points between the customer and your Company. Our experts will help you get the most out of each platform.

Marketing Automation for demand generation

The Marketing automation gives us the opportunity to optimize campaigns in real time, attract new customers, cross-sell through every contact cannel the customer has with your corporation.

Marketing Data and Analysis

You will know in detail the activity of each of your social networks, the activity of your competition, the effectiveness of your campaigns, through automated dashboard and obtain reports with the analysis and management of Big Data.

Digital Marketing strategy and operation

We develop strategies and we align with your digital marketing objectives. We have on-site consultants that will allow you to take full advantage of the technological tools.

Marketing & Data trends Services

At Rhino Marketing & Data our main goal is to stay on top of everything that goes on in digital media and analyze the trends so we can anticipate the present and future needs of our customers.

Companies who have Access to their clients’ direct data are 1.6 times more productive.
35% of companies use 50% or more of the available data for their campaigns. Access is often manual, controlled by IT, and is limited to the analyst's and it equipment's time to meet the requests. Allowing marketing specialists to have an advanced access lays the foundations for creating more campaigns and having results in terms of revenues.
43% use Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning, to expand their audience.
Over a third (39%) use AI & ML for customer orientation. 28% use these technologies for product recommendation. Only 26% use AI & ML for campaign optimization. Nowadays, one of the most fascinating innovations in Marketing technology (martech)is real time optimization of campaigns to attract new potential customers, cross selling, selling new prospects, and increasing the value of the customer for life.
Only 6% of marketing specialists are using advanced capabilities, including IA and campaign customization with collaborative filtering and predictive models.
There is an important potential for growth for marketing specialists to get more value out of the advanced capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that their applications and platforms offer. The implementation of advanced capabilities of Artificial intelligence inside the companies is limited by the scarcity of talent, the need for better real time integration and access to data, and more effective approaches to standardize and streamline data analysis in their enterprises.
Those who have access to data in real time and who use them regularly to segment customers are 1.7 times more likely to exceed their revenue objectives.

When marketing specialists have 75% or less of customer data available in a company, 50% of them on average will achieve their revenue objectives. Providing real-time integration to increase the percentage of customer data available by more than 75% leads to an increase of 1.4X in specialists who achieve revenue objectives. When they have the information of the majority of the clients in real time and they use it to complete the strategies of analysis and optimization of segments, there is a 1.7X increase in the percentage that achieves its income objectives.

Data based on the study Activating Customer Data for AI Powered Marketing executed in February 2018 by Blueshift in collaboration with Techvalidate.

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