About Rhino

We are a 100% Latin American company, our objective is to implement and develop cutting-edge technology with international quality that helps companies and institutions from different sectors to optimize processes and generate innovation in services for their clients.

From the start Microsoft solutions has been our main business partner ad our focus has been to become experts in the development and implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform for the Financial, Education, and marketing sectors.


We are passionate about our work because we continuously write great success stories


We aspire to be the best solution implementation tech company, to make our country proud and to be a place for our employees to achieve both their personal and professional goals.


We are an enthusiastic work team passionate about offering world class tech solutions for the financial and educational sectors.

Our Culture

Our Rhino culture is focused on developing and benefit from our employees extraordinary talent. Through a personalized accompaniment we encourage continuous learning and provide unique experiences which contribute to their personal and professional growth.

We are rhinoceroses because of our capabilities, persistence, courage, strength, tough skin and this is our mission.


— ♦ —

We seek to always have a bold goal.

We surround ourselves with positive people.

We join forces to achieve our goals.

We balance work with our moments of fun.

We face challenges with enthusiasm.

We learn and update about our business constantly.

We share our knowledge with the others.

— ♦ —

The principles which guide us to give and be better people

Good Faith
For us it is the confidence in intention, believing in the words said and responding to them with truth and commitment with our co-workers, our customers and our associates.

We work in accordance with what we think, say, and do. We talk with the truth and respond with results.

We honor our word, fulfill our commitments and are grateful.

As collaborators of Rhino Systems we work with the highest standards, surpassing the expectations of our clients, doing the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

Every solution we bring to our customers every day allows us to use the newest technology, which translates into being able to offer the best answer for our clients' different needs.

To give everyone a fair and objective treatment. We give everyone what they deserve, with justice and unbiased manner.

We give the greatest value and fair acknowledgement to our collaborators, customers, and business associates.

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