At Rhino Educational Services Framework we know that the success of an institution depends on the success of its students. For this reason, we have developed a technological solution that allows you to take action to manage the academic life of your students and complete their school cycle.

With Rhino Educational Services Framework you will procure that the digitization of the students’ experience inside your institution be focused in giving follow up to the personalized attention and direct communication that the current market requires for each student.

We have developed different modules, processes, and actions which will allow you to accompany every student from their first contact with the institution, through the recruitment and admission, and all throughout their period in the institution.

With Rhino Educational Services Framework you can

Simplify your recruitment process

We know what your promoters need to give follow up during the recruitment of a prospect until he becomes an incoming freshman in your academic institution.

Get a complete view of each student

Rhino Educational Services’ vision is to give you a 360 degree view of each student’s status as well as the service he or she is being given by the promoters and academic staff.

Improve relationships and communication

It optimizes processes, improves the communication and the relationship with prospects, alumni, and graduates by the use of personalized portals, processes and services.

Achieve higher student retention

With a complete vision of every student, early warnings and a group of automated tools you will be able to keep your students by offering and following up on tutoring, scholarships, payment agreements and job pool.

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