Rhino Financial Services Framework Modules

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Rhino Financial Services Framework is a cloud based solution, based on Azure and dynamics 365, focused on the banking and financial sectors. It will help you achieve a differentiated experience for each one of your customers, identifying their needs in a proactive way.

Business Calendar

Focus and capitalize the efforts of your sales team about leads and opportunities in your market, gaining a perfect control of goals and objectives on different levels inside your organization by using the Business Calendar.

The Business Calendar is one of the key modules which allow you to grow and quantify sales and team performance in your banking institution. Every objective and goal planned for each executive is monitored during its performance and becomes a part of individual, sectoral, and general reports that give you a general panorama


Based on the analysis of your sales opportunities, plan goals and objectives per executive and automatically give follow up.

follow up

Every interaction your executives have with this tool will be surveyed and linked to their activities with their plan.

Executive Measurements

Get quantitative measurements of your executives’ performance on the planner.

Reports and Dashboards

Visualize the behavior of every one of the sales forces based on their objectives, with charts and reports. Check reports per person, region, groups, and segments in a given period.

Operational Processes with the Customer

At Rhino Financial Services Framework we have developed modules with the best practices and processes so the executive can walk the client through the request and signing of credits and investments. Our modules consider the best way for the executive to give your customer the best possible service.


In this module we consider all the stages and processes which are needed from the moment a customer requests information about a loan, granting or denying it, offering other products, up to follow up and collection. Processes and modules are included during:

  • Loan origination
  • Loan Supervision
  • Mobile and call-center collection


It enables you to visualize all of your clients’ information so the executive can walk the client through the different investment options, according to their own goals and objectives. The aim is to offer a personalized service. The modules and flows consider the process that the executive requires for an investment plan.

Onboarding and Dossier creation

Onboarding and Dossier creation groups the modules that enable automation and improved control of the opening for your new clients, deposit accounts and credit origination. This guarantees us the compliance of the internal policies that the financial institutions handle and all the knowledge of the client, their relationship and the registration of their Dynamics 360 account.

KYC Customer registration

Your relationship with your client must be the best from the get-go. It is therefore crucial to have clear information of their requirements for each process they are in, to listen to their needs so as to offer the products and services they require, and which are adapted to their profile and payment ability.

  • Prospecting. Registration of the clients’ information through the financial institution’s different service channels for follow-up assistance with a sales promoter.
  • Consulting. Customer identification and accompaniment for the services and products offered by the institution.
  • Product suggestions are made according to the clients’ profile using pre-qualification surveys, credit bureau reports, blacklists, and MLP.
  • Payment Ability. Estimates the borrowing capacity based on the customers’ income and expenses.

In-situ research

With Rhino Financial Services Mobile App your agents will be able to do verifications and validations in the customer’s home prior to the acceptance of a loan. The app is enabled with forms and photographic evidence uploading.

Digital File

There will be a centralized file of all of your customers’ documents in digital format. We have processes which allow you to automatically get information in digital format.

360º Vision

We have created a 360º vision which enables your service agents and sales executives to know each customer in detail. This, in turn, allows for the delivery of unique and specialized service.

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