Software Factory Operating Model

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Methodology Software Factory

Project Team

The project team is made up of personnel from the enterprise or institution in charge of communicating its needs as well as supervising de developments and deliveries.

Scrum Master

The Scrum Master's goal is to be an enabler in projects and lead the rapid process teams. It is in charge of getting to the final sprint using the practices and values of the Scrum model.

Functional Architects

Functional architects are responsible for the management of non-functional requirements and the definition of software architecture. They are facilitators in charge of selecting the technology and improving the architecture of the system.


Software developers are programmers in charge of writing, maintaining, and cleansing the code of all our developments.


QA or Quality Assurance relies on the quality assurance of the software through various evaluation activities during the different stages of development.


Throughout the project various partial deliveries are made, speeding up the development and allowing the team to continue working to attack the particular needs of the project.

Iterative process

Once delivered a release of the application the process becomes iterative with the project team, the functional architects and the Scrum Master.

Nearshore services


Our Software Factory provides service to our sales offices and customers in Nearshore model.

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