Educational services are changing due to the demands of the market and the possibilities technology offers to improve processes.

Educational Services Tendencies


A more demanding generation

Higher education clients demand more attention and instant service, which is why proactive colleges are turning to technology to satisfy this demand in an effective way.

Evolution of organizational structures as academic advising

Organizational structures will continue to evolve to support student success. Academic advising is one of the structures in higher education hierarchy that is foreseen to continue evolving. For example, schools will increase specialized counselling and will experiment with new advising models to improve students’ success.

Bigger investments in technology

In 2018 we will see a continuous increase in the investment in technology to support student success. A 2016 report from Tyton Partners (USA) revealed that 44% of more tan 900 schools surveyed had increased their spending in academic advising and planning software in the lapse of three years.

Integrated systems approach

Supporting the students requires a change in focus. Many institutions consider that their inherited student information systems make it more difficult to adapt to new models. Growth strategies are incorporating a new approach with integrated systems, where the whole lifecycle of the student is considered.

Automation focus

Being capable of reducing repetitive tasks and keeping processes agile helps academic institutions to give better support to students. The academic advisors are using automated technology which improves identification of “at risk” students quickly. This is helping with the measurement of patterns that might affect the student’s performance and provide a better action plan for students to succeed.


Mobile and Self-service student experiences

The tedious enrollment and application processes are a key point in which academic institutions are aiming to improve by reducing times, processes, and above all, upgrading services and creating self-service options for students. During 2018 this tendency will continue to rise.
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Rhino Educational Services Framework
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