Our Solutions

At Rhino Systems we develop and implement safe solutions in the cloud which allow you to have a complete vision of your company or institution through frameworks developed for key sectors which bring together, in a 360 vision, the management of customer relationships, work flows and complete reports of all activities.


Our solutions are added to your central systems and allow for the automation of manual processes, improving the reaction time and centralizing your customers’ key information.

A solution for every sector

At Rhino Systems we believe in specializing by areas and working in conjunction with the best. This is why we have chosen to work with Microsoft’s CRM solution by developing solutions on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the following sectors:

Rhino Financial Services Framework

With Rhino Financial Services Framework you will be able to monitor your products and services, such as credit, investments and insurance. Having your information digitized for your clients will enable you to offer new personalized services. Management and sales will have an easier time visualizing and monitoring the achievement of goals.

Rhino Educational Services Framework

Young people are the first agents of change, and every day they demand better services in education. With Rhino Educational Services Framework you will get a set of tools that makes customer acquisition and support easier during the admissions process, modules and services that will allow you to work alongside the student and prevent desertion, amongst other services.

Rhino Marketing & Data

With Rhino Marketing & Data you can get to know your customers better and improve the efficiency of your digital campaigns. Our services and solutions will allow you to listen, analyze, measure and monitor your customers and their relationship with your brand, as well as detecting opportunities and monitoring the competition.

Rhino Software Factory

We have focused in creating a software factory that allows us to implement agile methodologies to have a better quality control in the solutions we develop.


We associate with the best, we are specialized in different sectors to bring you intelligent solutions that promote your business growth.

Microsoft, the leading software manufacturer in the world, has been a key element in our growth. At Rhino Systems we have worked to belong to your circle of suppliers with the highest certifications and qualifications they grant. Our business alliance with Microsoft has allowed us to deliver the best CRM solution to our customers.

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