With Rhino Software Factory we make sure that all our of our developments and implementations keep to the same quality standards as well as cutting down time and increasing productivity.

At rhino Software Factory all our operation is centered in keeping to processes that make us faster, more productive and efficient during the production of the software.

The model we developed for the operation of Rhino Software Factory has been a key element for Rhino Systems growth.

Benefits of having a Software Factory

Developing and maintaining several applications is a challenge for any work team. Achieving it is the result of using the best development practices in our Software Factory. Some of the benefits listed by Microsoft are:


The use of a software factory to create multiple instances of a software product line (a group of applications which share characteristics and architecture) provides coherence. This simplifies governance and reduces maintenance and training costs.


The use of a software factory makes it easier for developers to learn and implement proven practices. Developers spend less time writing repetitive code and spend more time creating unique features for each application. This decreases the risk of the application having design flaws or mistakes in the code. Applications designed with the use of a software factory can also be verified before they are released. This guarantees that best practices specific to the factory were followed during development.


The use of a software factory speeds and automates the prescribed application development in the following ways:


  • Reuse software assets, particularly baselines of existing architecture, application frames and blocks.
  • Gives contextualized and automated guidance.
  • Generates code from models which represent abstractions of the elements and mechanisms of the application.

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